Korean Wedding. Ulsan City, KR.

Korean weddings are quite different to western style weddings in that they are generally over quite quickly. They take place in specialized wedding halls where on Saturdays and Sundays they happen at a rate of one every hour. Everything is provided for in these wedding halls and the proceedings generally follow a set pattern from one wedding to the next and thus from an western outsider’s point of view can seem less unique or special.

Despite all of this, the one thing I have come to see that remains the same, and this is what  makes each wedding special, is LOVE.

The love shared between the newlywed couple and the love shown by their friends and family on the day. So it was with this wedding.
It was really fun to be around this couple and their lively group of friends before the wedding ceremony. Lots of laughter and love was shared. The really special moments came at the end though, where the couple took part in a traditional Korean wedding ceremony, with parents and extended family. It was special to see two familes coming together and celebrating the newly formed union. I loved being a part of their day too.

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