About Me

I’ve been drawn to photography from a young age. As a child I fondly remember sitting down amongst family friends and being captivated as my dad projected images from film slides onto our living room wall, while reliving the latest adventures of hiking trips and travels in beautiful surroundings.

I remember looking at all of those pictures with amazement and hoping that one day I would have the chance to share my own and other’s stories alongside amazing images.
For a long time these memories had been pushed to the back of my mind by things like school and studies… up until one day some time ago. I found myself in a similar setting among my own friends.

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Though the technology had progressed somewhat; slide projector to a modern day beam projector, analog film slides to digital images, the experience none the less remained the same. The sense of awe and adventure stirred up in me while looking at the images, still there.
Fast forward to today and I’m really fortunate to be able to realize my childhood hopes and be doing what feels so right to me.

I love being able to tell stories through pictures. Documenting the most important day in your life in a creative, organic and emotive way is probably one of the most rewarding things I could be doing.
I’m a pretty laid back guy and I’m happiest when you are comfortable and having a good time. The best images always come from the times when you are relaxed and just being yourself.

Nothing excites me more than having the opportunity to meet new people, becoming friends with them and then being able to share their story with the world through beautiful imagery.

If you like the sound of that then I’d love to hear from you. Get in touch and lets take it from there.


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